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What are turnkey projects?

Turnkey Project- A special mode of interior and construction. A project is constructed under the guidance of turnkey project company who have rich experience of constructing these kind of projects. At the time when it is handed to project manager it should be operable. And is handover to the client when the project is accepted by the project manager or is ready for remuneration.

The contract is agreed by the company and they take responsibility to interior design, construct. When the project is ready turnkey solution services provider turns the key to the client.

An architect undertakes the project from initial level to the end level. The agreement is signed between project manager and client that the project will turn only when it is completed fully.

What turnkey projects include

The project involves the turnkey project management to avoid the risk factor or cost estimation. It requires the magnitude or good number of complexities at the time of turnkey construction project. It also includes subcontractors, project leader and management and government agencies. To complete the project their all coordination is needed. To control the cost and progress of a project we need an effective management. The essential thing that turnkey project require is budget or agenda compliances.

A single manager is require to keep an eye on project from starting to the end. The contractor company handles the responsibility of plans and interior designs part, fix the permit for construction, hires subcontractor. He is the only man who knows what is going into a project and what would be the cost from beginning to the end.

Examples of turnkey project

Suppose you buy a new flat, villa or house and you are too busy in life. You want to shift in you new dream flat or house. In this kind of case you can hire a Trunkey project company like us. We provide all kind of interior and construction solution for your clients.

We provide services with top quality and customer satisfaction

Our service is reliable, consistent and proficient. We believe in customer satisfaction and project turn to them when is fully operable. We as turnkey project company take care of our client needs and endeavour to match their requirements. We are committed to our clients and we ensure them the quality of service and the project constructed by our company will match your expectations.

Our contractors pay attention towards their work and deliver the project at the specific time frame. Before handing it to the owner it is turn to the development manager where he/she will examine the project in respect to the parameters given by the client. And if he found operable than it is turn to client. Before the project is handing over to the owner we ensure you it is full ready.

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