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If you are looking to enhance your place, the only thing you need is revamping your home exterior. The first impression in front of your neighbors, friends or relatives is good exterior of your home. The outermost exterior of your home can only reflect the inner style of your home and it’s an old saying the outside of your place tells a lot about the family living inside.

Decorating the exterior of a home can be tough process while choosing the color, materials, design and much more. Everyone wants their home should entirely different from the rest and stands out amongst the surrounding.

If you want to have good exterior home design you must follow the below principles:

Form Follow Function

The exterior of your residence will impersonate the appearance of the interior designs that you have preferred. Perhaps you are skilled to choose large size windows since you need natural lighting to paint. For eternity remember that your interior design affect the exterior one, as well.

House Texture and Material

If you are confused while choosing the material like aluminum, brick, wood, etc. you should take advice. In order to avoid mistakes, it is best to consult with a expert architect. Or you can also take help from online visual tools; they will guide you what material will looks at the end of your investment.

Color Combination

Color of house plays a lot of features of your home exterior. Paint your front deck a bright white to illustrate the eye to the entrance of your home, or make your tall home look shorter with a dark color on top and a lighter color on base. So it’s very important while choosing color for your home should match the combination of outer and inner section.

Choosing Doors

Choosing the design of door is also important while designing exterior, you should focus on safety, durability, warranties or cost of the material and should match with other home exterior.

An Elegant Entryway

The most common arise by many of people what color should I choose for my front door? Choosing 2 shades of color is best for having a elegant entry way.


Choose light that mimic your residence style. There are various lights styles available in market like lantern-style chandeliers, Angular steel lights etc.

Balancing Shapes

To achieve a well design space you need to plan prior in terms of symmetry and shape. The facade of home needs balance and symmetry in respect to appear pleasing to our eyes and well designed.

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